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Allocation of patients (Usual GP) Posted on 4 May 2021

The Surgery has recently recruited a new GP Dr R Ibreck (F)  who has  previously been a Locum with us. To ensure the workload is distributed equally, the current patient list will now be distributed between our 6 GP’s.

  • Dr M Othman (M)
  • Dr C Parnell (F)
  • Dr R Smith (F)
  • Dr G Hockley (F)
  • Dr R  Ibreck (F)
  • Dr M Roberston (F)

With this increase  in clinical time the plan is to provide improved access to care when required.  As a result of this change your usual or named GP may have changed, but all our  GP’s are experienced clinicians and have a team work  approach to providing the best health care.   However this does not affect your right to request a Clinician of your choice, if available.

Thank you

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